Bigger and Better Sponsorship Opportunites

September 13th, 2010
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Venders receive thousands of motocross resumes during sponsorship season, so you must make sure that your resume pops out from the rest. A great way to do this is to use pictures, graphics, and subject headings designed within the page. Let’s face it, team managers are people too and just like the average person, he or she will make snap judgments when glancing at your resume. If they find it hard to follow or stumble over grammar errors, the likelihood is almost certain that they will make an immediate assumption that you will not make a good representative of the sponsorship you want. The reality is that most team managers don’t have the time to read thoroughly through every motocross resume that comes in the mail or by fax.

What must you do for them? The design of your motocross resume must be eye-catching, free from grammar errors, and highlight only the best results from the most prestigious races.

Think outside the box and avoid the use of templates. Eye-catching goes beyond using just colored paper or email background. It’s cliché and shows that you lack effort and interest – poor qualities they might associate that you carry over to the race track. Remember, you are one of thousands applying for a spot on a team. It will excite a team manager if he came across a sponsorship resume that had some design thought put into it and he may be likely to give you a shot even though your results were not as good as another candidate.

 Motocross sponsorship resumes should be eye-catching to draw attention, but if your content is poorly written and full of grammar errors, you’ll be drawing negative attention. There is nothing more irritating for a team manager than reading a pile of poorly written resumes. A well written, error free resume is not only refreshing for the team manager to read, but also shows that you are respectful and hard-working,    

The most common issue for motocross resume writers is that they don’t know when to stop. Often a sponsorship resume is too wordy contains unnecessary information, and has too many race results listed. To beat this disease, you must get into the resume reviewers mind. Remember, he has to read thousands of these. Would you still be interested after reading 20 resumes what someone’s favorite color is or that someone’s favorite rider is Ricky Carmichael. You might get a headache after the first 5. Get to the point and impress, not bore. And keep it all in one page. However, every team manager’s  biggest pet peeve is a race result list longer than Santa’s nice and naughty list. Team managers don’t care about every moto of every race that you have participated in even though you went 1-1 at My Local Track Raceway in Neverheardofitville. Only list the most best results from the most prestigious races which usually include national events. If you rarely get out of Neverheardofitville and race every other weekend, then wrap it up by listing your series ending results.

Reviewing motocross sponsorship resumes is probably the worst part of any team manager’s job, so don’t make it worse for him or her. In fact, a well-designed, well-written resume could be your ticket to bigger and better sponsorship opportunities even if your results could use some improvement.

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Glory Hog to Attend Watercross National

August 30th, 2010
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For the 2010 Lador Day Weekend, Glory Hog will attend the Hydro-Turf APBA Watercross National in Nashville, TN. Glory Hog is excited to be a part of this thrilling event that will take place at the Nashville  Shores.

Glory Hog, already a leader in promoting motocross athletes with motocross resumes and websites, will promote its products and services during the watercross event to expand its business in other action sport genres. Some watercross athletes have benefited from Glory Hog’s services, so Glory Hog wants to promote in unchartered waters.

The Hydro-Turf APBA Watercross National is a two-day race event. Since 2001, Nashville  Shores has hosted the  event and been the site for the National Championship. Athletes from coast to coast and of all levels, form Novices to Pro/Ams will participate in this event.

Glory Hog is an action sport marketing company the helps athletes of all levels gain sponsorship. With their sponsorship resume services and website design, athletes have gain support to compete in sports such as motocross, kart racing, watercross, car racing, and more.

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Glory Hog – The Hot Spot to Sponsorship Opportunities

August 25th, 2010

Glory Hog, a leading sponsorship resume service has the 411 to sponsorship opportunities for the 2011 race season. As a courtesy for all athletes of action sports, Glory Hog launches its sponsorship listings of industry leaders. Now athletes can find out how, when and where to find potential support at one convenient location on the web. The sponsorship listings are free to for all athletes to view and Glory Hog encourages all sponsors to post information about their sponsorship program. is your one-stop source to research and receive up-to-date information on sponsorship programs and opportunities. No sign-ups, no profiles, the listings are ready, set, go. Get the scoop, visit

About Glory Hog
Glory Hog provides media marketing service, such as website design, sponsorship resumes, graphic design, logos, and other great products for athletes of all extreme sports on all levels. We exist to show our clients at their best.

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Motocross Bike Hygiene

July 1st, 2010
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After lubing the chain, cleaning the air filter, and changing the oil, the focus on a motocross bike turns to the graphics. It’s ironic that we put so much emphasis on keeping a dirt bike clean. No rider wants to show up on the starting line embarrassed because his motorcycle is still wearing the dirt from the last moto. But it is not just the motocross bike that we worry about. It’s the look of ourselves. If you are wearing the same gear from the last moto, it’s like wearing the same clothes to school three days in a row.  How did this happen? Why do we care so much about having good hygiene on the motocross track not only for ourselves, but for the motocross bike as well?

Like any sport fueled by marketing and survives on sponsorship support, projecting a good image is essential. Cleaning a motocross bike after a moto fully knowing it is going to get dirty again in the next moto shows that you take pride in your equipment. And when you take pride in something, people notice. People also notice the guy who shows up to the starting line wearing dirt from the previous race the same they notice the geek who wears the same bowtie three days in a row. However, this gives off a negative reaction.

This is why factory teams always makes sure their riders and bikes are spic-and-span before each time they hit the track. They have mucho dollars invested and want to make sure their image is be properly received by motocross enthusiast worldwide. Motocross graphics cannot be hidden underneath a glom of dirt. A motocross bike at national events is literally on stage for the fans enjoyment.  

It may be ironic, but dirt bike is not entirely a misfit name for a motocross bike. After all, they are designed to ride exclusively in the dirt. So if you are new to this sport and did not understand why motocross racers put so much time and effort in keeping their motocross bike clean, hopefully now you do.

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How To Get Discounts On Motocross Gear?

June 30th, 2010

Retail is for suckers. A cliché used by many perceptive shoppers that is truer than true. Beyond this point, I promise to avoid clichés and instead focus on providing you with invaluable information on how to get discounts on motocross gear. You don’t have to ride like James Stewart or Ryan Dungey to receive discounts. Besides, those guys get paid to wear motocross gear. You have to do two simple things – race and apply for sponsorship.

Most motocross racers are conscious of the two above things, but they neglect to do the second because they feel they are not good enough to be sponsored by a motocross apparel company. This is falser than a weeping crocodile (sorry, I couldn’t resist). The fact is motocross sponsors want your business and if you make a commitment to buy and wear only their motocross gear, most likely they are going to offer you some kind of discount sponsorship program. It’s a win-win situation for the both of you. You get boots, pants, shirts, gloves, and pads below retail value and they still make a profit by getting a new paying customer.

Some companies offer sponsorship programs that are tougher than other programs, so it’s up to you to find out who they are. If you are a top-ten novice rider at your local track, don’t expect an offer from Thor or Fox. Instead, target companies such as O’neal or AXO who are known to offer sponsorship discounts to riders at all levels.

Now that you know what kind of motocross gear you want to wear or need, it’s time to apply for sponsorship. Most likely, you’ll need a sponsorship resume. The first step is to visit a few motocross apparel websites and find information about their sponsorship program. Many companies give details about their program and the information they want on a sponsorship resume. Step two is to take that information and create an eye-catching, readable resume. Don’t go overboard with race results. Sponsors only want to see a few of your top results from the last couple of years. The third step is to apply. Send out that sponsor-winning resume to your company of choice during the time they accept applications (usually between September and December). Some companies accept applications through a sponsorship website or by online form.

Lastly, and the toughest part, is wait. Usually you are applying for sponsorship for the season to follow, so be patient. Your resume might be one out of a thousand a team manager must review, so it could take awhile. Use the time to browse through their catalog and pick our your motocross gear for next year.

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Motocross Graphics – Fuel for the Industry

June 29th, 2010

There is no shortage of motocross graphics companies in an industry that is fueled by brand building. If you haven’t noticed, take a good look at your motocross bike and apparel. If you are still not convinced, open up a motocross magazine or watch a motocross race on TV. Over the last decade, marketing in motocross has grown faster than corn through a goose.

The value of motocross graphics may not seem obvious, but designs add credibility. Motocross enthusiasts are more likely buy products from companies that are associated with motocross.  Some people don’t recognize it as subliminal, but try to remember why you pick one energy drink over another the last time you stopped at WaWa or 7-Eleven. Was it because you associated it with motocross?

From big business conglomerates who aspire at brand building to small family businesses, they all use motocross graphics to promote business. Whether it is sticking a motocross logo on a bike or placing an ad in a magazine, motocross graphics is forever used as a marketing tool and will continue to be a vital role in the growth of all action sports.

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Sample Sponsorship Resume Oversight

June 28th, 2010

Sponsorship season for motocross and many other action sports is just around the corner. Many eager athletes or their parents are preparing to put together a motocross sponsorship resume that will stand out among the thousands of resumes that not so eager team manager must review. As the resume writer gathers important information like race results, goals, schedule, and background, they tend to forget the most vital part of any sponsorship resume – the contact information.

Sound silly to mention, but after speaking with dozens of team managers, the number uno reason a resume is rejected is that the resume is missing contact information. Team managers don’t have the time or energy to conduct an investigation about the last known address of a promising young athlete. So, most likely your resume is a potential uncontested, three-pointer shot in the wastebasket.

Although, some applicants purposely left off the contact info because it was sent in an email, you always have to approach motocross sponsorship resume writing as a professional document. Most sponsors do not reply by clicking the reply button. They correspond with a professional letter or contract and expect the same from their applicants.

Before you gather race results, career highlights, and pictures, make sure you clearly write your contact info on your motocross sponsorship resume.

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How to Get Motocross Sponsorship

November 4th, 2009

Since we have been creating motocross sponsorship resumes, many of our not-so-talented clients have been asking us about the chances of their application making it into the accept pile rather than the paper shredder. I always tell them that first and forth most results count, but there are many other factors involved. If your results are not quite getting you on the podium, you may not get free gear and parts, but you still have a great chance of getting good deals from motocross sponsors up to 50 percent off. So do not shy away from motocross companies you like if you are not in the top 5 best riders in the country; send them your motocross resume anyway. The worst they can say is no; however, most likely they are going to offer you a contract that involves a lucrative discount plan if it guarantees that you will buy from them. Here are a few criteria motocross sponsors look for on motocross resumes besides results.
If you are still in school and a brainy, tell them on your motocross resume. Good academics shows that you are disciplined and most likely are dedicated to training and being the best. It also shows that you got your head on straight and wear a good attitude on and off the track. If this is you, what are you listening to me for. You probably already know this; get out and ride
Dominating every race weekend at your local track is good, but placing in the top 10 at National events is awesome. Having National results on your motocross resume is impressive, so enter them as much as you can. Besides, racing competition that is faster than you pushes you to go faster.
Lastly, this one may sound simply strange, but having your name and contact information clearly displayed on the motocross resume may make the difference between your resume resting on top of the accept pile rather than the recyclable bin. Motocross sponsors have no patients for hidden info. They may receive thousands of motocross resumes with similar results as yours and deadline pressures cause them to make quick decisions. So, the decision is simple a motocross resume with unclear or hard to find info – time to play wastepaper basket toss.

For more information about motocross resumes, please visit

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Motocross Resumes Get You Better Results

November 4th, 2009
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Glory Hog’s new motocross resume service for action sport athletes has been a success so far not just for us at Glory Hog, but for motocross riders as well. As we sell them like Tickle Me Elmo’s, our motocross clients are reporting to us with successful stories.
The idea to start selling motocross resumes came to us over the summer when Glory Hog was accepting resumes for sponsorship. We were surprised on the amount of poor quality resumes that we received and thought here is an area that we can really help amateur motocross racers. Many of the resumes were over two pages long and overly wordy. So we took a few of the most poorly written ones and redesigned them to one page eye-catching motocross resumes.
The response we receive from our clients has been amazing. We hardly advertise this new service, so most of our clients have been referrals. In addition, in just a short amount of time, many clients are telling us that they have already received contracts for motocross sponsorship.
As many companies in the motocross industry create cutbacks to get through the tough economic times, it is more important than ever to have a well-written and eye-catching motocross resume. The competition for MX sponsorship is at an all-time high while the recourses available are extremely low. Obviously, MX companies look at results first when making decisions on whom to award a contract to; however, many riders have similar results. Therefore, it is more important than ever to make sure your results get the notice they deserve and you get the sponsorship that you deserve. Motocross resumes can decide on how much support a rider will receive for next year.

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How to Find a Web Design Company

April 6th, 2009

Ever wonder how to find a web design company? I’m sure you know from experience that it is not like finding a needle in a haystack. There are thousands to choose from on the internet. But what you probably did not know is that most of them are specialized to a particular industry or website purpose. Here are a few examples of different kinds of websites:


  • E-Commerce web design – Objective is to sell products and services directly for the website
  • Online Brochure web designs – Usually showcase a company’s products and services for potential and existing customers
  • Content web design sites – These are information sites in the form of news articles and blogs
  • Personal web site design – Online resumes, profiles, and family photo galleries make up this group


In other words, when looking for a web design company not only do you want to find out what kind of web designs they specialize in, also find out for what industry they usually design websites. A designer who normally designs web sites for the banking industry may struggle with designing a website for the motocross industry. Some web designer are specialized and they are not able to adapt to other markets.


So, it is no secret that when searching for a web design company look for company that is already designing in your industry. The easiest way to find a web company is to search for business similar to yours and look up the designer of the site by checking the bottom of the webpage.


With this in mind, browse other websites and take inventory of your likes and dislikes about the site. This list will help the web design company to design a website to your preferences. It is a visual understanding about your personal or company’s style.


The advantage of the internet is that you do no have to use a local web design company. If you do not feel comfortable with the local web design company or if one is not available, you can use one you like from practically anywhere. If you live in New Jersey and you found a Florida web design company you like, must often they will be happy to design a web site for you. The disadvantage is that the Florida web design company is too far for travel if they need to take pictures of your business.


If you do not think you need a web design company, then you probably do not want to grow. Whether you need a website for a business or for an online portfolio, you must stay ahead of the competition by going with modern marketing strategies.   

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