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Sample Sponsorship Resume Oversight

June 28th, 2010

Sponsorship season for motocross and many other action sports is just around the corner. Many eager athletes or their parents are preparing to put together a motocross sponsorship resume that will stand out among the thousands of resumes that not so eager team manager must review. As the resume writer gathers important information like race results, goals, schedule, and background, they tend to forget the most vital part of any sponsorship resume – the contact information.

Sound silly to mention, but after speaking with dozens of team managers, the number uno reason a resume is rejected is that the resume is missing contact information. Team managers don’t have the time or energy to conduct an investigation about the last known address of a promising young athlete. So, most likely your resume is a potential uncontested, three-pointer shot in the wastebasket.

Although, some applicants purposely left off the contact info because it was sent in an email, you always have to approach motocross sponsorship resume writing as a professional document. Most sponsors do not reply by clicking the reply button. They correspond with a professional letter or contract and expect the same from their applicants.

Before you gather race results, career highlights, and pictures, make sure you clearly write your contact info on your motocross sponsorship resume.

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